Akilesh VM



Akileshwar was born in a family with rich musical tradition and with their encouragement, he chose to pursue the art of the Mridangam from a young age. A fine and versatile performer, he is a highly sought after percussionist across genres/styles and not confined to the Indian Classical paradigm. His sound has been described by critics as being a pleasing blend of virtuosity and aesthetics. His approach to performance highlights the tonal nuances of the Mridangam while being rooted in the poly-rhythmic tradition of Indian percussion.

At the age of 7, he was initiated by Thaamaraikudi Shri Vijayakumar, Palghat Shri S V Ramani and Shri S Paskaran at the Temple of Fine Arts Singapore. In 2010, under the guidance of Shri T R Sundaresan at the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society, Akilesh obtained the Diploma in Mridangam and was awarded the title of best student for that year.

Akilesh is a NAC Postgraduate Scholarship Recipient for the year 2012, and has completed his Masters in Rhythmology at the University of Madras with distinction. Akilesh is also a “B High” graded artiste with All India Radio (2014). The titles he has received include “Vadhya Visharadh” (2010, SIFAS), “Vaadhyanjali” (2002, TFA Singapore).


photo credit: "Samuel Bey/Drumming Hands"