Wei Yuet    Photographer

Wei Yuet is a photographer focused on professional bicycle racing. He has photographed the World Championships, the Spring Classics, the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia, and other races. Although he likes road cycling, he feels that the niche areas of cycling are more interesting, like track and cyclocross. He is also an avid cyclist himself, and he takes part in races in Singapore, Indonesia, without his camera. 

Wei Yuet can be reached at weiyuet@gmail.com

Going to the mountains is like getting to know the surface of the Earth. Standing on the slopes, looking out at the other peaks, one is reminded of the scale of things, and how insignificant humans are.

I like cycling. And through my pictures, I try to show why I like it. I covered World Championships, Tour de Frances, a Giro d'Italia, cyclocross, and track, but my favourite part of the cycling season remains the Spring Classics.