We are story-tellers, futurists who connect the world through our music journeys.


We create original works that celebrate both diversity and harmony - we believe our world is greater than the sum of its parts. We understand music, like life itself is a continuous journey of change, growth, evolution. We dream of a united world, and aspire to share stories that connect us all. We believe in the human potential. We celebrate the coming together of cultures. We look to the past to discover the future.

“Sophisticated and accessible.”

- The Business Times


We tell personal stories and explore the relationships between Man, Machine / Technology and Nature.

We believe the key to our future is finding harmony between Man, Machine / Technology and Nature. We envision a future supported by a sustainable way of living, including responsible use of Earth's resources, recycling and protecting the natural environment. We believe in striving to create a better world for our children's children. Most importantly, we celebrate the present and the Beauty of our planet.