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Círculo celebrates the cycles of life and confluence of cultures - bringing together East and West in a concert combining Spanish music, jazz, Celtic, film, classical music and Asian sounds. This melting pot of genres reflects a crucial part of Singapore’s identity, and is also a phenomenon which has permeated 21st century music. 


The concert represents a unique collaboration between SSO solo-piccolo and flautist Roberto Álvarez and jazz pianist Tze Toh. It will serve as a world premiere of new works by the pianist himself, who is an award-winning composer.


The original music is inspired by the two distinctive hometowns of the main soloists - the Spanish town of Asturias which is blessed with astounding natural beauty, and the modern metropolis of Singapore. It expresses the common ground which exists between cultures, people and places - with mutual influences across time and space.

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featured soloists

Roberto Alvarez (flute), and Tze Toh (piano)