an original audio-film concert series

LAND with NO SUN |  無太陽地帶

Terra Senza Sole


story, music and concept by Tze Toh



We are capable of creating incredible beauty,

yet have the equal, if not greater potential to destroy.





What if the future sends you a message before their world ends, leaving you with the single most precious thing to them - their lost memories, and you realize it's everything you have around you now? From the forests, the trees, the sea, animals, insects, birds, to snow, the blue skies, the sun. A world full of Life.

What if you knew in the future non of this exist, and it's the result of our actions now ? 

Will that change the way you live ?


LAND with NO SUN : Promemoria

original music , sound design & story by Tze Toh




Imagine a world without the sound of Life itself,

no sound of waves, the wind or forests, no sound of animals, insects or birds,


Only this mechanical pulse, unwavering, relentless, cold.

The heartbeat of this city, and countless others floating in the skies


This is the only world I know.






Promemoria is a sequel to LAND with NO SUN, TO ensemble's highly successful concert. It continues to explore themes and issues affecting our world today and tomorrow through the LAND with NO SUN universe - from the loss of natural environments and biodiversity, threat of artificial intelligence, the impact of digital surveillance on the way we live, to Man’s obsession with Machine.


LAND with NO SUN II |  無太陽地帶2

Dance of the Earth

story, music & concept by Tze Toh


The year is 2051.
After the apocalypse, we rebuilt our civilization in the skies.
Now we live in perfect societies of technology - our Sky-cities, while the natural world below us dies.

Is this the beginning, or the end?






A third world war in the distant future had devastated the Earth's surface and forced humanity to rebuild their civilization in the heavens. A girl born in the sky-cities sees a whale for the first time in a hologram, and begins to wonder if life still existed on the world below. She escapes to the surface in search of answers, and unexpectedly journeys through humanity’s past, present and future.

LAND with NO SUN II: Dance of the Earth is an immersive audio-film concert which combines video/animation, sound design and live fusion music, performed by the groundbreaking TO ensemble and its contemporary orchestra.

Experience a journey of hope and discovery with original music, orchestration and story by award-winning composer Tze Toh, featuring soloists Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Boon Chye Teo (saxophone), Christina Zhou (violin), Shing Min Yap (soprano), Wei Lung Wong (drums).




LAND with NO SUN III |  無太陽地帶3

Song of the Skies




A young violinist who survived the end of the world sees a beautiful meteor shower and makes a wish for a better future. She learns from an elder that the shooting stars are not what they seem – they are actually space debris burning up as they fell to Earth. She then witnesses one of the “meteors” fall to the surface. Eager to salvage the junk, she journeys to the crash site where she comes into contact with a mysterious ancient alien race known as The Messengers, who have witnessed Man's time on Earth since the beginning. Their encounter would forever alter the path of humanity.

This concert/audio-film is a reflection of Man's deep impact on the natural environment, brought about by his relentless consumption of material goods and the resultant accumulation of waste.

Featuring original music, story by award-winning composer Tze Toh, combining choral music, jazz, film score, classical music, and Indian music, sound design with video/animation, with TO ensemble soloists Christina Zhou (violin), Teo Boon Chye (sax), Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Jonathan Charles Tay (tenor voice), Wendy Phua (e.bass), members of SIM GE Esprimere singing club including Sara Nicole Tan, Jeremy Chua, Min Jia Chan, this concert promises to be an exhilarating blend of technology, art and musical expression.