TO ensemble 10th Anniversary

As we celebrate 10 years of innovative music-making, we look back at the defining moments in our music journey and the musicians/artists who made everything possible.

Sophiscated and accessible.
— The Business Times

TO ensemble (formerly Tze n Looking Glass) is a contemporary music group from Singapore that creates performances exploring relationships between Man, Machine/Technology and Nature. Tze n Looking Glass, the ensemble’s original name was partly inspired by the otherworldly journeys of Alice in Wonderland.

Throughout the history of TO ensemble, there are three key periods that shaped the ensemble. To read more about each period, please click the following links.

Part I      Early Fusion (2007 - 2010)
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Part II      Fusion Quartet with string ensemble (2011 - 2013)
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Link to Part II will be available soon.

Part III      Contemporary music /multi-disciplinary works (2014 - Present)
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Link to Part III will be available soon.