an original audio-film concert by TO ensemble

...And There was N0th1ng

"We thought Machines would end our world.
But We destroyed ourselves.
They became our best Hope."


Genre: Contemporary Asia Fusion / Multi-disciplinary / Audio-film, featuring original music story, concept and music by Tze Toh. 

Date: 16th October 2016           Time: 7pm         Venue: The Arts House, Play Den


Award-winning composer-pianist Tze and TO ensemble -  an exhilarating fusion of jazz and Asian sounds - make their SIFOM debut in a daring new composition which seeks to blur boundaries between Jazz and Classical Music, Ethnic and Popular - a true Singapore first!

Tze's intriguing new work, … And there was N0th1ng is inspired by Mamoru Oshii's Sci-fi animated film Ghost in the Shell and Issac Asimov's Foundation and I, Robot series. It is an original story-concert about an A.I (artificial intelligence) city Man established on a planet in a distant galaxy searching for answers to the fate of its human masters. In the machine's attempts to understand humanity, it mistakes Man's memories of myth of creation as fact, and eventually realizing and appreciating the imperfection, unpredictability, imagination of man as a pinnacle of evolution it can never achieve. This promises to be a groundbreaking work!



Tze Toh    Piano
Lazar T.Sebastine   Indian Violin
Teo Boon Chye   Saxophone
Christina Zhou    Violin
Benjamin Wong    Viola 


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