Improvisation/Jazz piano camp

by Tze Toh


Improvisation/jazz piano camp is a 3 day workshop for young people that covers:

  • Improvising on the piano with little or no notation involved

  • Listening-based playing, utilizing knowledge of chords, hand shapes and patterns

  • Understanding the language of rhythms, and its applications

  • Playing in various musical genres/styles, grooves


  • Intermediate piano players who wish to explore more intricate arrangements, ways of playing the piano, improvise

  • Classically-trained pianist interested in playing jazz or experimenting with other genres/styles

All participants will record their music in a studio on the last day of the camp and receive a recording in wav/MP3 format.


Date: 13th - 15th Jun 2016                                                                                                                   

Time: 1.30pm - 5.30pm 

Fee per participant: SGD380               

Maximum number of participants per group: 6                                                                                         

Suggested age for participants: 13-18     

Please send your *applications/enquiries to:

*Please include demo(s) of your playing and/or indicate your music experiences/qualifications in your application so that we can assess if you are suitable for the camp.

Camp Schedule (subject to changes)

Day 1 - Expressing your personality on your instrument, basic concepts of improvisation and genres, developing a vocabulary

Day 2 - Ensemble playing, roles of the soloist and the accompanist, how to practise

Day 3 - Rehearsals and jamming, recording

Tze Toh is a composer-pianist who created contemporary fusion music group TO ensemble, which performs a fusion of film score, jazz and Asian sounds. He has performed for festivals locally and internationally, including MOSAIC Music Festival, ASEAN Jazz Festival, IMEX (Indonesia Music Expo), JB Arts Festival, Titian Budaya Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Journey of Youth Olympic Flame 2010 and conducted improvisation/jazz workshops at various schools, as well as for the Ministry of Education Music Elective Program camps.


An extraordinary musician whose idiom straddles comfortably between genres of classical, jazz, world and film music” - The Straits Times