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Izumi Sado



Born in Toyama prefecture in Japan, Izumi started playing the piano from the age of 4 years old. After graduating from Toho girls’ high school, department of music, majoring in piano, she studied in Toho Gakuen College, department of performance, majoring in piano. Later on, at Toho Gakuen graduate school, she majored in vocal performance for the next three years in Tokyo, Japan.

She studied piano under Prof. Hiroko Edo, Prof. Nobutatsu Kawashima and Prof. Miyoko Yamane and studied vocal performance under Prof. A. Valentiniat Roma and Prof. Osamu Murakami, and opera under Prof. Shuichi Makikawa and Prof. Ikuo Oshima. She also studied conducting under Prof. Morihiro Okabe. Along the way, she won numerous prizes in competitions such as the grand prize of youth music competition and Okinawa piano contest in Japan.

She has performed in various concerts on vocals and on piano, such as a joint concert sponsored by Academicalnex, a piano concert sponsored by newspaper company Kita Nihon, a solo soprano recital sponsored by FM Toyama radio station, an opera aria recital sponsored by the industry club of Japan, etc. She has also performed in roles such such as the Countess in opera “Le Nozze di Figaro” as well. She has participated in CD recording for choral songs of animation “Sailor Moon” and other choral songs composed Mr. Takekuni Hirayoshi.

While she was based in Singapore, she taught singing and piano extensively, and performed with composer-pianist Tze Toh for various concerts. She has performed in the Esplanade concert hall, Victoria concert hall and Yong Siew Toh concert hall among others.