Origins & Beyond

Mentorship. Workshop. Concert


Venue The Arts House Play Den (concert, open rehearsal)

Dates 29th Nov. 8pm - Open rehearsal

5th Dec. 8pm - Concert 

*There will be 5 workshops/rehearsals for participants which will take place in November. Dates and times TBC.

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TO ensemble presents a special project structured in the form a series of guided workshops and rehearsals, where participants receive mentorship over the course of one month, and get to experience the unique creative music-making process of the ensemble. The project culminates in a concert, with the rare opportunity to perform alongside the ensemble at the Play Den at The Arts House. It is open to serious music enthusiasts from all walks of life, from professionals to students; retirees to music undergraduates.

Participants will get to study “traditional” musical forms such as Carnatic music, jazz etc and learn various performance techniques, including improvisation, from TO ensemble soloists including Lazar T.Sebastine, Teo Boon Chye, Tze Toh (additional musicians TBC) and be mentored by them. Participants will be also be coached in solo and ensemble performance, and collective improvisation.

Through a series of workshops, they will get to experience the ensemble's unique fusion music-making which combines composition and improvisation, and brings together various musical genres. At the end of the workshops, the participants will be able to perform with TO ensemble in concert on 5thDec 2018, at the Play Den at The Arts house. 

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To allow the public to gain insight into this whole process, there will be an open rehearsal on the 29thof November (which all participants are required to take part in), where the public can attend, observe, ask questions and even try out some music-making with the musicians. There will also be a composer sharing session and dialogue with the musicians. 

It is our hope that through this project the community will be able to understand and experience first-hand what traditional music is about and how it leads to contemporary, creative music-making. As part of our long term commitment to support the development of local music, outstanding participants of this project will be invited to perform with the ensemble as guest musicians in future concerts. In exceptional cases, the participant will be invited to join the ensemble as a member. 

All instruments (including voice) are welcomed. Participants may apply as individuals or small groups - duos, trios or quartets, e.g. guitar and voice duo, string quartet, etc.

To apply, musicians have to submit the following by 31st Oct 2018 :

  1. 2 demos (mp3 or video link) of their playing - 1 piece of any choice (classical/jazz/pop/ traditional etc) and 1 improvised piece. Each piece should be no longer than 3minutes.

  2. A writeup which includes 1 paragraph about their music experience (education, performance etc) and 1 paragraph sharing why they would like to participate in this project.

  3. Their personal details – Name, age, occupation, instrument(s) played and level of proficiency (if applicable), contact number.

Additional notes:

  1. Please note that only selected participants will be notified and TO ensemble's decisions on choice of participants are final. 

  2. All participants have to attend the 5 workshops/rehearsals, the open rehearsal and perform in the concert .

Please send all submissions / queries to