Past Performances (2008-2016)

*TO ensemble was formerly named Tze n Looking Glass


XYNTEO TPT 2017 Invisible Reality “Leading through the looking glass”

Date  16 June 2017        Time  7:30pm        Venue National Gallery Singapore

About TO ensemble presented a special dinner performance of original music composed by Tze Toh, featuring Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Tze Toh (piano), Martin Peh (violin) and Wendy Phua (e.bass), to 2 standing ovations from an audience of international change-makers and thought-leaders.

Singapore Heritage Festival

Date  13 May 2017        Time  7:30pm        Venue  Asian Civilization Museum

About TO ensemble presented an original collection of short music stories inspired by the life of Sir Stamford Raffles and the Singapore River titled - The River, the vessel and the Lion-heart. Composed by Tze Toh for the festival, it is performed by Jonathan Charles Tay (tenor), Teo Boon Chye (sax), Tze (piano) and May Loh (viola).

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Music@empress by National Arts Council

Date  29 April 2017        Time  7:30pm        Venue Empress lawn

About TO ensemble presented a performance of their unique contemporary music at the empress lawn in front of Singapore's iconic Victoria Concert Hall, featuring Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Jonathan Charles Tay (tenor), Tze Toh (piano),  Wendy Phua (e.bass) and Akilesh (mridangam).

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National Gallery Singapore's Donors Dinner 2017

Date  26 April 2017        Time  7:30pm        Venue  National Gallery Singapore

About TO ensemble presented an evening of contemporary jazz featuring Tze Toh (piano), Teo Boon Chye (sax) and Wendy Phua (e.bass).

Opening of Joseon Korea: Court Treasures and City Life Exhibition

Date  21 April 2017        Time  7:30pm        Venue  Asian Civilization Museum

About TO ensemble collaborated with Korean traditional ensemble led by vocalist Professor Jeong Kyeong Hwa in a contemporary fusion performance for the official opening of the Joseon Korea: Court Treasures and City Life Exhibition at Asian Civilizations Museum.

Photos here

Cartier: Women's Initiative Awards 2017

Date  12 April 2017        Time  7:30pm        Venue  Victoria Concert Hall

About TO ensemble performed music composed by Tze Toh for the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards ceremony, featuring Loraine Muthiah (organ), Tze Toh (piano), Teo Boon Chye (sax), Christina Zhou (violin) and Pearl Yim (violin).

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Date  4 March 2017        Time  7:30pm        Venue  Esplanade Recital Studio

About TO ensemble presented an audio-film concert of a story of hope in a post-apocalypse future world, where a third world war had devastated the Earth's surface and forced humanity to rebuild their civilization in the heavens in the form of massive sky-cities. In this new world, Man has given up on nature, and turned to technology for salvation.

This is the third installment of the groundbreaking LAND with NO SUN series.

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More about LAND with NO SUN series here

Art and Music of LAND with NO SUN III: Song of the Skies

Date  18 February 2017        Time  7:30pm        Venue Gallery Helios

About With support of Gallery Helios, TO ensemble presented an exhibition of concept art, posters from the LAND with NO SUN series.

Resonates with Painting Sounds

Date  14,15,21 and 22 January 2017        Time  7:30pm        Venue  National Gallery Singapore

About For two weekends in conjunction with Singapore Art Week, TO ensemble presented an ensemble performance in the National Gallery Singapore inspired by the worlds of colours and dreams - a sonic tapestry created from a juxtaposition of jazz, film score, world and minimalist music.

All Things New: Music of LAND with NO SUN III

Date  14 January 2017        Time  7:30pm        Venue  Esplanade Concourse

About TO ensemble presented a preview of the music from their upcoming concert LAND with NO SUN III: Song of the Skies at Esplanade on 4 Mar. A reflection of the impact of Man's actions on nature, and the world, the LAND with NO SUN concert series tells the story of a post-apocalypse world where conflicts and the deterioration of the environment have forced Man to abandon Earth’s surface to live in sky-cities, while relying on technology for survival. A young girl finds hope in what remains of Earth. Featuring original music that combines jazz improvisations, Indian, classical, film and vocal music, the audience will experience a unique symphony of nature, and also get an opportunity to contribute to this third concert episode of the series.


Singapore International Festival

Date  16 October 2016        Time  7:00pm        Venue The Arts House

About TO ensemble performs an original new work in the Singapore International Festival of Music.

Alternate Worlds II

Date  20 August 2016        Time  7:30pm        Venue  Esplanade Recital Studio

About A young boy discovers a mysterious device left behind by his Grandfather in the cellar of his home. He soon realized it's a trans-dimensional gate that can open a portal to any time and space, allowing him to travel forward and backwards in time, as well as access parallel universes. Thus his adventures begin.

Experience a musical journey that will surprise and delight all ages, and be moved by stories of love, loss and dreams. From ancient worlds of the East and West, to future cities in the far reaches of space, the concert features new music where the worlds of classical, jazz, film score, carnatic music, pop to Korean drama/anime soundtracks collide, creating alternative new ones. For the first time, TO ensemble will also celebrate lesser known but outstanding classical works, featuring the Asia premiere of Iosif Andriasov's String Quartet, Op. 1.

Alternate Worlds II / もうひとつの世界2 is the second installment of TO ensemble's unique concert series Alternate Worlds which explore new worlds of music. Featuring TO ensemble musicians Indian violinist Lazar T.Sebastine, saxphonist Teo Boon Chye, pianist Tze Toh, violinist Christina Zhou, violist Benjamin Wong, oboist Bernice Lee and flautist Yukari Usui, as well as guest musicians tenor Jonathan Charles Tay, violinist Gabriel Lee, cellist Ryan Sim. The performance will also showcase young talents Taiwanese singer-songwriter Shoie Su and soprano Lauren Yeo.

Audience Feedback (coming soon)

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DBS 5 Year Anniversary Gala Dinner

Date  17 August 2016   Time  8pm    Venue  Fullerton Bay Hotel

About TO ensemble performs its distinctive original fusion orchestra music (composed by music director/ award-winning composer Tze Toh) at DBS's 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner at the Fullerton Bay Hotel. 

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International Music Day

Date  25 June 2016   Time  4pm    Venue  Alliance Francaise de Singapour Theatre

About TO ensemble presents an evening of music from their critically acclaimed album Stories from Wonderland. Described as "sophisticated and accessible", the album was selected as one of the top 10 albums of 2011 by The Business Times. The performance will include An Indian Folk Song meets Jazz, which won first prize in the UK Songwriting Contest 2011, instrumental category. Performers: Tze Toh (piano), Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Teo Boon Chye (sax), Wu Bingling (violin).

Photos here

Common Grounds

Date  11 and 12 June 2016   Time  4pm    Venue  National Gallery, Padang Atrium

About TO ensemble performs original fusion as part of National Gallery Singapore's Common Ground weekend series. Featuring works by composer-pianist Tze Toh, with soloists saxophonist Teo Boon Chye, violinist Benjamin Wong, flutist Yukari Blest Usui and others.

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Art of Japanese Film Music

Date  14 May 2016   Time  3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm    Venue  Esplanade Concourse

Festival SUPER JAPAN Festival of Arts

About TO Ensemble members Tze (piano), Benjamin Wong (violin) and Yukari Blest Usui (flute) present original arrangements and variations/improvisations of beloved film score themes by Japanese composers Ryuichi Sakamoto, Taro Iwashiro, Kanno Yoko and Nobuo Uematsu. Composer Tze Toh will also perform his works inspired by these icons of Film/anime music.

Audience Feedback (coming soon)

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LAND with NO SUN II: Dance of the Earth

Date  27 February 2016        Time  7:30pm        Venue  Esplanade Recital Studio

About A third world war in the distant future had devastated the Earth's surface and forced humanity to rebuild their civilization in the heavens. A girl born in the sky-cities sees a whale for the first time in a hologram, and begins to wonder if life still existed on the world below. She escapes to the surface in search of answers, and unexpectedly journeys through humanity’s past, present and future.

LAND with NO SUN II: Dance of the Earth is an immersive audio-film concert which combines video/animation, sound design and live fusion music, performed by the groundbreaking TO ensemble and its contemporary orchestra.

Experience a journey of hope and discovery with original music, orchestration and story by award-winning composer Tze Toh, featuring soloists Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Boon Chye Teo (saxophone), Christina Zhou (violin), Shing Min Yap (soprano), Wei Lung Wong (drums).

Review by The Straits Times

Audience Feedback

“Great compositions. Imaginative. Love the idea of a different world”

“We came to the first episode of this series last year and it's amazing how much you guys have progressed and improved since the last one. It's great musically, we enjoyed every bit of the performance and the visuals too, glad to be able to catch it again! Fascinating production!”

“Enjoyed all of it and this isn't just out of convenience to your question. I'm having a hard time picking my favourites. It was really awesome. Nice!”

“You have got some very talented musicians. Music pieces were lovely. Overall, the whole concert was sweet and enjoyable.”

“Wonderful music and consistent story. It really touched me.”

“I like the sharing session as we can learn more about the performance and it quenches my curiosity=)”

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LAND with NO SUN Music Sharing Session

Date  22 January 2016       Time  7:30pm         Venue  Grassroots Book Room 

About Composer-pianist director Tze Toh sharing about the creative process behind the music for their upcoming concert LAND with NO SUN II : Dance of the Earth. A fusion of film score, jazz and Asian sounds, the ensemble's music has been described as "sophisticated and accessible" by The Business Times.

He will discuss how the environmental issues facing the world today and elements of nature inspired the melodies and sounds he composed for the concert. He and fellow musicians from TO ensemble will perform excerpts of music from the concert.


*TO ensemble was formerly named Tze n Looking Glass

Gallery Late Night

Date  18 December 2015   Time  8pm, 9pm    Venue  Supreme Court Terrace, National Gallery Singapore

Series  Gallery Late Night

About Defining Moments in 2015 with the inaugural Gallery Late Night programme at the newly opened National Gallery Singapore. TO ensemble performs live music with soloists Tze Toh (Piano), Lazar T. Sebastine (Indian Violin), Teo Boon Chye (Saxophone), Christina Zhou (Violin) and Yap Shing Min (Soprano). 

Original work Dawn of Memories by director Tze Toh premiers at the Gallery Late Gallery performance to celebrate the National Gallery Singapore's opening as a gesture of goodwill by TO ensemble.

Photos here

Improvfunsation - Contemporary Improvisation Workshop

Date  11 December 2015       Time  7:15pm, 8:15pm, 9:15pm   Venue  Esplanade Concourse

About Led by violinist Rei Tan and flautist Clement Chan, Improvfunsation is a collective of classically trained MEP students from various schools who seek to explore new and diverse music experiences through improvisation and experimentation with alternative musical genres. Coached by soloists from TO ensemble, pianist Tze Toh, violinist Christina Zhou, drummer Weilung Wong and saxophonist Teo Boon Chye, this young ensemble performs their exciting collective improvisations, arrangements and also original music by Tze Toh.

Concert Highlights

LAND with NO SUN: Whispers of the Wind

Date  21 and 22 November 2015       Time  3pm, 9pm          Venue  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Festival  Titian Budaya

About In the distant future, a third World War ravaged much of the Earth’s surface. Mankind tried to rebuild civilization in massive Sky-cities. Others continued to live on the contaminated surface. Among them, a girl was born with the ability to understand the secret language of the Wind– a gift that could ultimately lead to survival for her people, and possibly a means to alter the future.

LAND with NO SUN: Whispers of the Wind is a continuation of TO ensemble’s highly successful 2015 audio-film concert LAND with NO SUN. Experience an audio-film journey of hope and discovery through a sonic tapestry of jazz, film, carnatic and classical music.

Featuring original story and music by award-winning composer Tze Toh, and performed by Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Christina Zhou (violin), Wong Wei Lung (drums), Takako Tsurumi (cello) and Tze Toh (piano).

Audience Feedback (coming soon)

Concert Highlights (coming soon)

Titian Budaya Link

Jazz Composer's Series for LARGE Ensembles (October Edition)

Date  5 October 2015       Time  9pm, 10pm          Venue  Blujaz Cafe

About TO ensemble (formerly Tze n Looking Glass) performs music from their albums Stories from Wonderland and Return to Wonderland; original music that is a blend of film score, jazz, India, Chinese and European classical music.

Photos here

JB Arts Festival

Date  23 September 2015       Time  8:30pm         Venue  The Black Box@Map Nusajaya

Festival  JB Arts (JBAF)

About A talk and performance presented by jazz pianist and upcoming Singaporean composer Toh Tze Chin. He will be sharing his views on composing film music, influences (with focus on Asian influence, e.g. Indian Carnatic music, and illustrating the concepts of collective improvisation together with established jazz saxophonist Teo Boon Chye through musical examples and performances of his original music and film compositions. 

Audience Feedback "Free flow of musical expression. Enjoyed it very much!"

Red Dot Radio

Date  1 August 2015       Time  8:45pm, 10pm       Venue  Esplanade Waterfront

About *Tze n Looking Glass celebrate Singapore's unique identity as a melting pot of cultures and a gateway between the East and the West. Soloists Lazar T. Sebastine (Indian violin) and Wu Bing Ling (violin) perform original fusion pieces and film scores by composer-pianist Tze Toh, with Wong Wei Lung (drums) and Wendy Phua (e.bass), accompanied by the string ensemble with Karen De Silva, Barnabas Chua, Tomoko Kakegawa and Takako Tsurumi.

Audience Feedback "Great music!"

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LAND with NO SUN: Promemoria

Date  25 May 2015       Time  8pm         Venue  Esplanade Recital Studio

About The year is 2050. Humans now live in massive Sky-cities. Artificial mechanical lifeforms known as Archivists observe and collect data on human beings daily - our memories, dreams. They were built into our new system/society to logically maintain order and progress - a fail-safe to prevent future global conflicts like the last war that devastated the planet, and drove Man from the Earth's surface to seek a new Utopia in the skies.

This is the story of the beginning, told through the eyes of The Archivist - a portrait of life in the future, where humans are seeking a new life, displaced from their organic world and building a new technological sanctuary.

Promemoria is a sequel to LAND with NO SUN, *Tze n Looking Glass' highly successful recent concert and continues to explore themes/issues that affect our world today, e.g. loss of natural environments, impact of technology on human evolution and society etc.

Featuring original music & sound design by Tze Toh, this solo piano concert pushes boundaries of piano music, bringing together not only various genres from jazz, film score, fusion, classical, Anime soundtracks to the orchestral and textural, but also combines "live" piano performance with sound design.

Tze Toh (piano) as The Archivist; Christina Zhou (violin) as The Girl in the Wind; Gabriel Lee (violin) as The Messenger.

Review by The Straits Times

Audience Feedback

“Beautiful & Brave concert! Hard to sustain & engage the audience with only 1 voice/instrument, but you did it ! Also loved the occasional interplay of the two violins which was very effective. 'Message' & 'Float', 'A Whale in the Sky' were really gorgeous! A real musical adventure! Good balance between live music & sound design.”
“We enjoyed the concert very much. Very proud of our homegrown musicians. Will definitely come back for more.”
“I really enjoyed the series and that the compositions deliver a message. The whole sound design & violin accompaniment with the solo piano added depth & dynamics to the feel of the music & arrangement.”
“Thoroughly impressed! Mesmerising compositions, moving and touched by the thoughtful range.”
“I think if I were to not read the programme booklet the whole performance is like a journey into a vortex. Such feeling of loneliness that what you have explain may be true, what the future generations is truly feeling, being absorbed by the technologies in the world they are born into. I believe this show is not just a mere performance but a deliverance of a message."

Photos here



Date  29 January 2015       Time  7:30pm         Venue  Esplanade Recital Studio

About *Tze n Looking Glass presents a unique audio-film concert which tells the story of a post-apocalypse world, seen through the lives of 10 different characters. In a future Earth where the sun has been extinguished, digitized memories are sent back in time to preserve humanity's history, dreams - it is also possibly man's last act in hope of creating a better future/past.

Come experience this journey of original music + video art/projections, featuring Tze Toh (piano/Macbook + keyboard), Teo Boon Chye (sax), Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Felicia Teo (voice), Christina Zhou (violin), Tomoko Kakegawa (viola), Masato Miyata (bass), Luke Ng (cello), Christoph Wichert (bassoon) and Wei Lung (drums).

Review by The Straits Times

Audience Feedback 

"I think the music is incredible. Great attempt weaving a story into the pieces, it was refreshing."
"Excellent range of instruments, the combination of different styles is brought to perfection. The voice of the soprano is amazing. Excitement and more feelings in every note."
"I really enjoyed the concert! Beautiful, inspiring music. Definitely a great Singaporean/original pieces of work. Really proud of our local talents!"
"I enjoyed the various selections of focus musicians and then to blend them seamlessly. The cross section of international players represent the social frame of Singapore visual/music blend."
"Most enjoyable. Amazing range of emotions. Like best: Moments, Metropolis, Flowers, Desert...Looking forward to the next one!!"
"Every piece of music was magnificent - great for the ears and brain!"

Photos here





*TO ensemble was formerly named Tze n Looking Glass

Little Orchestra of Horror II: Fairy Tales Gone Wrong

Date  26 October 2014     Time  6:45-8pm       Venue  Woodlands National Library

About Scarily presented by *Tze n Looking Glass Orchestra for the second time, The Little Horror Orchestra brings you this performance under the theme "Twisted Fairytales" - featuring new scares and old thrills of music and sound effects. 

Part I : Fairy Tales gone wrong
A story telling + "live music" with visual projections. Featuring original music by Tze Toh and members of TLGO, with special soloist Carnatic violinist Lazar T.Sebastine , and illustrations by 3 artists from Spain, HK and China. The session explores the relationship between visuals and music/sound and characterization n narratives through instruments.

Part II : Film re-scored
This live scoring session allows the audience to explore the intimate relationship between film and music, with a short film segment being re-shown and re-scored using different instrumentations each time. 

Sounds of Future Past (A Lighter Side of History)

Date  30 August 2014      Time  3-4:45pm        Venue  National Museum of Singapore

About *Tze n Looking Glass Orchestra presents special roving performances of original contemporary music inspired by Singapore's stories and award-winning composer/pianist Tze Toh. Relive iconic moments in Singapore's history in the We: Defining Stories gallery and experience an introspective and exciting musical journey that celebrates our tiny island's progress, strength in adversity and colourful heritage and culture. 

The roving musical performance will be put on by various soloists from the orchestra, including saxophonist Teo Boon Chye and bassist Masato Miyata.

Alternate Worlds

Date  26 July 2014      Time  7:30pm        Venue  Esplanade Recital Studio

About A special collaborations concert by *Tze n Looking Glass Orchestra Singapore’s unique contemporary art ensemble, featuring various artists, including 7 year old pianist Aone Ozaki, Bukit Timah Primary School Choir, Emanon sax quartet, bassoonist Christoph Wichert, violinist Christina Zhou, with new music exploring the the convergence of the different musical worlds from jazz, tango, anime/video game music, film.

Featuring new solo/duet piano, choral, fusion string quartet, wind quintet works, and a special performance of Tze’s original score for film maker Royston Tan’s award-winning short film Popiah [薄饼]and more!

Review by The Straits Times


Interview by Close Ups@Live Lounge


Date  3 March 2014     Time  7:30pm    Venue  Esplanade Recital Studio

Series Spectrum (presented by Esplanade Theatres on the Bay)

About *Tze n Looking Glass Orchestra (TLGO), Singapore's contemporary Asia fusion ensemble returns with its unique blend of film score, jazz, Indian, Chinese and European classical music. Join the orchestra in a musical adventure that explores journeys in Life, Asian mythology and nature, through original music inspired by anime, video game orchestra soundtracks and film.

Featuring new orchestral works by award-winning composer-pianist Tze Toh, conducted by Christopher Wichert, and video art by artists Weisha Chen (China) and Alba Escayo (Spain), experience a fantastical odyssey to faraway lands of gods, magical creatures, epic battles and stories through space-time, in an unforgettable sonic experience of fusion orchestrations, collective improvisations, jazz bebop, Carnatic solos and soundscapes!

Review by Chang Tou Liang, writer of The Straits Times

Rehearsal Sneak Peak

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*TO ensemble was formerly named Tze n Looking Glass

Celebrate December 2013

Date  28 December 2013     Time 7:30pm, 8:45pm, 10pmVenue  Esplanade Waterfront

About Inspired by their interest in Asian mythology and nature, the sand artist Lawrence Koh presents a story of hope and celebration with original music by composer-pianist Tze Toh, performed by soloists from the *Tze n Looking Glass Orchestra. Through their art forms of sand art and music, they bring audiences of all ages on a surreal and imaginative journey. Watch amazing images drawn in sand evolve before your eyes...

Event Article

Gods & Ragas

Date  2 November 2013    Time 7:30pm  Venue  Asian Civilisations Museum

About A Fusion music performance by Tze Toh (piano), Lazar T. Sebastine (Indian violin), Teo Boon Chye (saxophone), Huy Nguyen Ngoc (violin), Takako Tsurumi (cello) and Masato Miyata (bass) for a Halloween festival at the ACM.

A Journey Through Asia

Date  12 October 2013      Time 7-9pm  Venue  Coriander Leaf, CHIJMES

About Coriander Leaf collaborates with *Tze n Looking Glass for their first dinner & concert evening. Enjoy a live performance by Singapore’s only contemporary fusion ensemble, accompanied by our signature Asian Platter Menu.

Little Orchestra of Horrors

Date  22 and 23 May 2013      Time  7:15pm, 8:15pm   Venue  Esplanade Concourse

About *Tze n Looking Glass Orchestra is proud to present a performance that explores the horrifying side of music. Instrumental effects, textures have played a huge role in film music, especially in horror movies, thrillers since the early days of Hollywood. From creaking doors, spine-chilling ghostly whistles, string clusters of the the iconic Psycho bathtub scene, to hints of Alien approaching, these effects are created by the orchestra but few alive have observed these performances in the light of day.

The chamber group brings to you this special performance, featuring new scares and old thrills, of music and sound effects, unveiling these spooky and fascinating music and effects behind the films, be it monster/aliens, ghost/spirit movies, old school gothic or mysteries/thrillers.

Original music by Tze, featuring Karen (violin), Jer Lin (violin), Takako (cello), Hiro (cello)

Disclaimer: "No musicians were frightened in the making of this production."

The Longest Dream

Date  5 September 2013       Time  7:30pm        Venue  Esplanade Recital Studio

About *Tze n Looking Glass Orchestra (TLGO) exploring the boundaries of dreams and reality, time/space and the origins of the Universe, in a new concert inspired by the myths of creation like Pan Gu[盘古], the discovery of the "God" particle, the Higgs boson, and the concept of Maya - the illusion/dream that life is.

Experience the beauty of mythology, science and philosophy coming together in a stunning performance combining soundscapes, fusion orchestrations, collective improvisations, jazz bebop and Carnatic solos. 

Featuring original music by award-winning composer Tze Toh (2011 UK Songwriting contest 1st prize, Instrumental category ), with new works inspired by the music of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ennio Morricone, Keith Jarrett quartet, E.S.T trio, Ravel and Debussy. with soloists Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Teo Boon Chye (saxophone), Joyce Poh (Chinese flute), Julian Li Yongrui (acoustic bass), Wendy Phua (e.bass), Thirunalini Balakumaran (dance). 



In Time Love Comes

Date  28 February 2013       Time  7:30pm     Venue  Esplanade Recital Studio

About After a critically acclaimed first concert Wonderland (oct 2012), *Tze n Looking Glass (TLG) Orchestra returns to present a concert of original music inspired by love through time, space and across cultures. 

Join us for a fusion musical journey of Asian tales of love, from Satyvaan Savithri, Cowherd and Weaving Fairy [牛郎织女] to songs inspired by love, from Japanese folk song Hometown [故郷 (ふるさと)] to originals By My Side, Stories from wonderland and more

Featuring music by award-winning composer Tze Toh and soloists Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Teo Boon Chye (saxophone) and Izumi Sado (soprano voice).


Concert Highlights 


*TO ensemble was formerly named Tze n Looking Glass

UN Women Singapore's SNOW 2012 Gala Dinner

Date  2012    Time           Venue  Sentosa Capella

About (coming soon)


Date  10 October 2012       Time  7:30pm        Venue  Esplanade Recital Studio

About (coming soon)


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TLG Quartet Live! @ One East Asia Art Space

Date  17 August 2012    Time  7:30pm       Venue  One East Asia Art Space

About A special chamber concert where the audience gets to experience Tze n Looking Glass' unique fusion of Carnatic music and jazz in an intimate gallery setting; TLGO is proud to present this rare acoustic quartet performance in conjunction with One East Asia Art Space, as part of their 5 Stars Arising exhibition. 

Featuring Lazar (Indian violin), Boon Chye (sax), Miyata (acoustic bass) and Tze (digital piano)

Performing music from TLG's album Stories from wonderland, free improvisations and more!

Event Blog by Ameba

Official Opening of Gardens by the Bay

Date  28 June 2012      Time  All Day     Venue  Gardens by the Bay

About Tze n Looking Glass performs music from Return to Wonderland for the official opening of Gardens by the Bay.

Raga Remix

Date  25 and 26 May 2012  Time  8-9pm   Venue  Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM)

About Tze n Looking Glass performs for two nights at Asian Civilization Museums' Indian music festival night, Raga Remix. 

Showcasing songs Indian Folk Song meets jazz by Tze & Lazar T.Sebastine, which won the first prize in UK Songwriting competition 2011, and also Fly with Me which was written and performed for the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame 2010 Singapore showcase in Auckland

Featuring Tze (piano), Lazar (indian violin) , Boon Chye (sax) , Patrick wong (bass) and Goro (drums).


*TO ensemble was formerly named Tze n Looking Glass

Return to Wonderland

Date  September 2011       Time  7:30pm         Venue  Esplanade Recital Studio

Series: Late Nite Series (presented by Esplanade Theatres on the Bay)

About (coming soon)



Stories from Wonderland

Date  2011       Time            Venue  Esplanade Recital Studio

Festival NUS Arts Festival (presented by NUS Centre for the Arts)

About (coming soon)

Album Trailer  

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Date  2010   Time          Venue 

Festival MOSAIC MUSIC FESTIVAL (presented by Esplanade Theatres on the Bay)

About (coming soon)


*TO ensemble was formerly named Tze n Looking Glass

Films. Dreams. Music.

Date  2010    Time          Venue 

Festival Hua Yi Arts 华艺节 (presented by Esplanade Theatres on the Bay)

About (coming soon)

Kalaa Utsavam Indian Festival of Arts

Date  2010    Time          Venue

Festival Kalaa Utsavam Indian Festival of Arts (presented by Esplanade Theatres on the Bay)

About (coming soon)

National Day Celebrations - Fusion Fever

Date  9 August 2010    Time           Venue  Esplanade Waterfront

About (coming soon)

Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF)

Date  2 August 2010    Time          Venue  Auckland

About Tze n Looking Glass (now as TO ensemble) opens the Singapore Showcase for Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame in Auckland, New Zealand, debuting original piece ‘Fly With Me’ that was specially composed for the Youth Olympic Games. Main soloists include Tze Toh (piano), Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin) and Dai Da (Chinese erhu),  Their unique brand of fusion music is a reflection of the group’s multicultural background.

Article Link

Flipside Origins

Date  2010    Time           Venue 

Festival Singapore Arts

About (coming soon)

Electronic Fusion

Date  26 March 2010   Time          Venue  Esplanade Waterfront

About (coming soon)


*TO ensemble was formerly named Tze n Looking Glass

Jazz Piano Trio

Date  2009   Time          Venue 

Festival ASEAN Jazz

About (coming soon)


*TO ensemble was formerly named Tze n Looking Glass

Jazz Piano Trio

Date  2008    Time          Venue 

Festival ASEAN Jazz

About (coming soon)