TO ensemble

We are story-tellers, futurists who connect the world through music journeys.

We tell personal stories and explore the relationships between Man, Machine/Technology and Nature.

/We create original music that celebrates both diversity and harmony      /we believe together make our world greater than the sum of its parts.       /We are story-tellers, who seek to bring about positive change by projecting a dream of a united future through our music.        /Journeys /unlocking memories / the potential of Man       /key to our future - harmony between Man, Machine and Nature      /metamorphosis through music bring about positive change /creating a future for our children's children      /we believe in a future of a sustainable way of living, responsible use of Earth's resources, including recycling, and protecting the natural environment      /we celebrate the Beauty of our planet Earth      /We aspire to be a voice of the world      /celebrate the coming together of cultures      /we look to the past to create the future.


Wonderland x is an accumulation of a decade of our work. A world we dream of - where Man, Machine/Technology and Nature co-exist in harmony in order for our world to survive, evolve.


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/music from concert LAND with NO SUN II


/music from concerts And There was N0t1ng (Singapore International Festival of Music) + Alternate Worlds II


/music from concert LAND with NO SUN