7:30 pm19:30

Wonderland X

Wonderland X

TO ensemble 10th Anniversary Concert

Genre: contemporary music / audio-film / jazz / classical music / world music / anime soundtrack / film score

Date  26 August 2017        Time  7:30pm        Venue Esplanade Recital Studio

Duration: 1 hr 15mins (No intermission)
*There will be a 15min post-show dialogue with the artists

Standard - $35.00     Student Concession - $20.00

*As a courtesy to other audience members, infants in arms and prams, and children below 6 years of age will not be admitted.

Story: 100 years after the great war, the Machine world and Man's empire lie in decay. A gigantic glass barrier separates the two worlds as both sides maintain an uneasy peace. A young robot accidentally awakens a sorceress named Gitw after discovering the key to an ancient machine. Upon realizing it is impossible for her to return to her own dimension unless she saves this world and restores balance, Gitw embarks on a journey to unite the two worlds. With the help of the first machine Alice, she unlocks memories from the past, with the hope of creating a new utopia where Man, Machine and Nature can co-exist and progress.

For the past 10 years, TO ensemble has mesmerized audiences with its unique original music. Crossing time and space, Wonderland X's innovative musical narrative takes you on an immersive adventure like no other, featuring a unique blend of jazz, film, classical music and anime soundtrack. The Singaporean ensemble, brainchild of award-winning composer Tze Toh, now celebrates a decade of music-making by inviting you on an immersive adventure like no other: Wonderland X!

“Sophisticated and accessible” - The Business Times, on TO ensemble
“Extraordinary musician whose idiom straddles comfortably between genres of classical, jazz, world and film music” - The Straits Times, on Tze Toh
"....a testament to true musicianship and fortitude” - The Straits Times, on Christina Zhou


  • Tze Toh - Piano                                                                                                                            
  • Christina Zhou - Violin
  • Lazar T.Sebastine - Indian violin               
  • Teo Boon Chye - Saxophone
  • Jonathan Charles Tay - Tenor
  • Yap Shing Min - Soprano
  • Wendy Phua - Electric bass
  • Wu Bingling - Violin,string ensemble leader

LAND with NO SUN III: Song of the Skies
7:30 pm19:30

LAND with NO SUN III: Song of the Skies

  • Esplanade Recital Studio

The third installment ofTO ensemble's groundbreaking LAND with NO SUN audio-film concert series!

A young violinist survivor's tale of hope in a post-apocalypse world is told through an inter-disciplinary concert, featuring video/animation and an original fusion of choral, jazz, film and Indian music.

Resonates with: Painting Sounds by TO ensemble
Jan 22

Resonates with: Painting Sounds by TO ensemble

  • National Gallery Singapore

For two weekends in conjunction with Singapore Art Week, TO ensemble presents an ensemble performance in the National Gallery Singapore inspired by the worlds of colours and dreams - a sonic tapestry created from a juxtaposition of jazz, film score, world and minimalist music.

Dates: Jan 15th, 21st & 22nd

Time: 2pm, 3pm, 4pm

Venue: National Gallery Singapore, Padang Atrium

Sep 25

Resonating with: TO ensemble

  • National Gallery Singapore

Padang Atrium


TO ensemble will be performing at the National Gallery Singapor for their Resonating with Series in September on the 3rd, 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th (2pm/3pm/4pm/5pm) at the Padang Atrium, presenting improvised music, jazz standards interpretation and collective improvisations. ADMISSION FREE.

3rd : Trio project I
//2pm/3pm/4pm: Tze Toh (keys), Wei Lung Wong(drums), Wendy Phua / Miyata Masato (bass)

17th : Trio project II
//2pm/3pm/4pm : Marvin Leung (sax), Tze Toh (keys),Wendy Phua / Miyata Masato (bass)
//5pm: Tze Toh (red grand piano)

18th : Trio project II
//2pm/3pm/4pm: Marvin Leung (sax), Tze Toh (keys), Wendy Phua / Miyata Masato (bass)
//5pm: Tze Toh (red grand piano)

24th : Trio project III
//2pm/3pm/4pm: Benjaming Wong (violin), Tze Toh (keys), Miyata Masato (bass)

25th : Carnatic Fusion Trio Project
//2pm/3pm/4pm: Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Tze Toh (keys), Benjamin Wong (viola)

7:30 pm19:30

Alternate Worlds II

  • Esplanade Theatres on the Bay

Ticket prices     $25 (standard), $15 (student concession)

Venue     Esplanade Recital Studio

Ticket prices: $25 (standard) $15 (student concession)

Alternate Worlds II / もうひとつの世界2 is the second installment of TO ensemble's unique concert series Alternate Worlds which explore new worlds of music.

A young boy discovers a mysterious device left behind by his Grandfather in the cellar of his home. He soon realized it's a trans-dimensional gate that can open a portal to any time and space, allowing him to travel forward and backwards in time, as well as access parallel universes. Thus his adventures begin.

Experience a musical journey that will surprise and delight all ages, and be moved by stories of love, loss and dreams. From ancient worlds of the East and West, to future cities in the far reaches of space, the concert features new music where the worlds of classical, jazz, film score, carnatic music, pop to Korean drama/anime soundtracks collide, creating alternative new ones. For the first time, TO ensemble will also celebrate lesser known but outstanding classical works, featuring the Asia premiere of Iosif Andriasov's String Quartet, Op. 1.

Alternate Worlds II features TO ensemble musicians Indian violinist Lazar T.Sebastine, saxphonist Teo Boon Chye, pianist Tze Toh, violinist Christina Zhou, violist Benjamin Wong, oboist Bernice Lee and flautist Yukari Usui, as well as guest musicians tenor Jonathan Charles Tay, violinist Gabriel Lee, cellist Ryan Sim. The performance will also showcase young talents Taiwanese singer-songwriter Shoie Su and soprano Lauren Yeo.

Background Information:

The first Alternate Worlds concert was a sold out success, lauded for its originality and winning much praise from audiences of all ages, for its eclectic program with chamber orchestral, wind quintet, string quartet, duo works which juxatpositioned classical, carnatic music with jazz, video game soundtracks-inspired pieces.

Alternate Worlds is also a platform to feature upcoming musicians, soloists and young talents – it is one of TO ensemble's main programs dedicated to development of the local music scene, while exploring, experimenting with new music.




4:00 pm16:00

International Music Day

  • Alliance Française

Alliance Francaise Theatre


TO ensemble presents an evening of music from their critically acclaimed album Stories from Wonderland. Described as "sophisticated and accessible", the album was selected as one of the top 10 albums of 2011 by The Business Times. The performance will include An Indian Folk Song meets Jazz, which won first prize in the UK Songwriting Contest 2011, instrumental category. Performers: Tze Toh (piano), Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Teo Boon Chye (sax), Wu Bingling (violin).


Jun 12

Common Grounds

  • National Gallery Singapore

Padang Atrium


TO ensemble performs a series of original works that celebrate the 21st century confluence of the East and the West, bringing together French impressionism, modern jazz and Eastern lyricism. Inspired by the music of Debussy, Ravel, Ryuichi Sakamoto and John Coltrane, the performance juxtapositions colorful sonic tapestries with Asian melodies and exciting bebop improvisations.

This performance-experiment also explores the versatility of western instruments, ie. their ability to mimic the sounds of Asian instruments such as the Gu Zheng, Chinese flute etc

3:30 pm15:30

Art of Japanese Film Music | SUPER JAPAN Festival 2016

  • Esplanade Theatres on the Bay

Esplanade Concourse

TO ensemble soloists Tze (piano), Benjamin Wong (viola) and Yukari Usui (flute) present original arrangements, variations and improvisations of beloved film score themes by Japanese composers Ryuichi Sakamoto, Taro Iwashiro, Kanno Yoko and Nobuo Uematsu. Composer Tze Toh will also perform his own works that were inspired by these music icons. TO ensemble is Singapore's innovative new music ensemble, exploring the dynamic relationships between movement, sound, and sight.


Concert | LAND with NO SUN II : Dance of the Earth
7:30 pm19:30

Concert | LAND with NO SUN II : Dance of the Earth

  • Esplanade Recital Studio

Tickets : $25 (normal), $15 (student concession), $35 (collectors)

“This is the only world I know.
But maybe, just maybe .... there's another world out there, alive and waiting for me ... Should I go?”

The third installment of the highly successful LAND with NO SUN audio-film concert series, Dance of the Earth continues where the story left off in Promemoria.

A third world war in the distant future had devastated the Earth's surface and forced humanity to rebuild their civilization in the heavens. A girl born in the sky-cities begins to wonder if life still existed on the world below. She escapes to the surface and makes a discovery that could change the fate of humanity.

Dance of the Earth is an immersive audio-film concert which combines video/animation with live music, performed by the groundbreaking TO ensemble & its contemporary orchestra.

Experience a journey of hope and discovery with original music, orchestration and story by award-winning composer Tze Toh, featuring soloists Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Boon Chye Teo (saxophone), Christina Zhou (violin), Shing Min Yap (soprano), Wei Lung Wong (drums).

“Sophisticated and accessible” - The Business Times

“Extraordinary musician whose idiom straddles comfortably between genres of classical, jazz, world and film music”
- The Straits Times

Music Sharing Session | LAND with NO SUN II : Dance of the Earth
7:30 pm19:30

Music Sharing Session | LAND with NO SUN II : Dance of the Earth

  • 草根书室

【无太阳地带2:大地之舞】音乐分享会 / LAND with NO SUN II : Dance of the Earth Music Sharing session

presented by 草根书室Grassroots Book Room and TO ensemble

*以华语进行,英语翻译In Mandarin with English translation

*入场免费,座位有限 Free Admission, Limited Seats

途乐团 (TO ensemble)音乐总监杜致庆将分享音乐会《无太阳地带2:大地之舞》的创作过程。途乐团的音乐结合电影交响乐、爵士乐与亚洲传统乐,形成独特的风格。作为钢琴演奏家与作曲家,致庆将叙述他如何从大自然元素得到启发与灵感,并与团员表演音乐片段,让大家先听为快。

Composer pianist Tze Toh of contemporary fusion music group TO ensemble shares about the creative process behind the music for their upcoming concert LAND with NO SUN II : Dance of the Earth. A fusion of film score, jazz and Asian sounds, the ensemble's music has been described as "sophisticated and accessible" by The Business Times.

He will discuss how the environmental issues facing the world today and elements of nature have inspired the melodies and sounds he composed for the concert. He and fellow musicians from TO ensemble will perform excerpts of music from the concert.